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Luminaires and small electrical household appliances

Presumption of conformity for CE marking

After carrying out laboratory tests on samples you select as representative of your products, LNE Asia provides a certificate of presumption of conformity to European Directives, enabling you to prepare a CE marking declaration.

Major applicable Directives: EMC (2004/108/EC), Low Voltage (2006/95/EC), RoHS (2002/95/EC), WEEE (2002/96/EC), Framework Regulation on food contact articles (1935/2004), etc.

Major types of test performed: electrical safety, EMC, construction analysis, etc.

Production control (technical inspection)

LNE Asia will perform a technical inspection in your suppliers' plants in order to check that the final products delivered to you present no variations from the samples presented for tests of conformity to European Directives.

This production control is carried out on the basis of specifications drawn up by LNE when performing initial tests on your products. We obtain representative samples of the products to be checked and subject them to partial on-site or laboratory tests according to critical points identified by our experts.


Our experts will inspect your production plant(s), or your local manufacturers' plant(s), according to your requirements:

  • inspection during production
  • control following production
  • pre-shipment inspection.

Technical assistance

LNE Asia will provide expert assistance in areas where you may have questions:

  • at the development stage: identifying the standards that apply to your products
  • at the production stage: preventing variations, validating your suppliers' quality processes, etc.
  • at the marketing stage: dealing with customer returns, acting appropriately if samples are seized by the authorities (customs, France's fraud control office DGCCRF, etc.).

Production audit

The aim of the production audit is to assess your supplier's production capacity, production resources (condition of plant, equipments, human resources, etc.) and quality system. The audit is performed on site by our experts.

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Examples of products tested

  • luminaires
  • coffee-makers
  • irons
  • toasters
  • hair-dryers


Interior Lifestyle Ambiente Japan

Interior lifestyle ambiente fair, the leading “Design-Oriented” trade fair, will be held in Tokyo from June 3rd to 5th, 2009. It attracts 600 exhibitors specialized in furnishing, luminaires and decorating items.

For further information :  http://www.interior-lifestyle.com/en/

Representatives from LNE ASIA will be present. To meet them, do not hesitate to contact us and make an appointment at the following email address : lne-asia@cmatcl.com.

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